We’re big fans of the side gig, and both of us have several personal projects going at all times. Kim has a website, This Is Plan Be, where she’s scheming for intentional good (current offerings are Be Kind stickers and Be the Change postcards), and Steve is always drawing or painting in the background. We think of Plan Be as our creative annex, where our after hours projects have a place to call home.

Kim Tackett

Tour of No Regrets
Kim’s blog, where she writes about the practice of life

Always Short and Almost True Stories
Kim’s growing collection of 35-word stories

This is Plan Be
A scheme for intentional good. Free stickers, postcards, and a little inspiration

This is Plan Be Shop|Society 6
Filled with kindness, also coffee cups

Coffee | Served Daily
The time Kim collected 1000 cups of coffee from 1000 contributors around the world

Kim’s Instagram
Kim’s Twitter

Steve Barbaria

Steve’s previous exhibits and current projects

Steve’s Instagram
Steve’s LinkedIn